Support for Madras 2G hockey pitch grows

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A petition started by Willie Rennie MSP calling for Fife Council to reconsider its decision not to install a 2G pitch as part of the development of the new Madras College is well on its way to reaching its 2000 target, with 1449 signatures at the time of writing.

Earlier this month, members of the NE Fife Area Committee voted 7/6 against initiating a review into the decision to install two 3G pitches rather than one 2G and one 3 G..

The petition states:

We support a 2G hockey pitch for the new Madras College

Fife Council currently plan to construct two 3G sports pitches at the new Madras College.

These pitches are unsuitable for most hockey training and matches.

A 2G pitch would be a better option as it would be suitable for hockey, would mean pupils would not have to travel to the university to play and would be less expensive.

We need a review of this decision by an independent expert. Please agree to review this decision before it is too late.

Why is this important?

Hockey is a popular sport, especially among women and girls.

There are not sufficient 2G pitches to meet demand in east Fife.

2G is cheaper than 3G.


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