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Fife Council is preparing a new Local Development Plan and we want this to be informed by the views and aspirations of communities across Fife. The plan will replace the current plan approved in 2017 and will set out planning policies and proposals for the use and development of land across Fife. We aim to adopt the plan in 2026 and it will look ahead for 10 years from then.

To enable communities to have a more direct role in the decisions that influence their place, our new Local Development Plan will consider any registered Local Place Plans.

In turn, as a first step, we are inviting communities to prepare Local Place Plans so that they can play a proactive role in defining the future of their places.

Local Place Plans are community-led plans setting out proposals for the development and use of land.

Examples of issues a Local Place Plan might address include:

  • sites or proposals that support climate change adaptation/renewable energy/flood mitigation
  • local initiatives for the promotion of active travel and community food growing
  • sites for housing (including affordable), local employment or tourism/community facilities
  • improvements to open space, play facilities and green/blue infrastructure
  • proposals to conserve and improve the natural and built environment
  • improvements to town and neighbourhood centres

To help Local Place Plans fully inform the Local Development Plan these should be submitted by the end of October 2023, by which time we will have started to prepare the Proposed Local Development Plan.

There will be other opportunities to engage with the Local Development Plan. We will be saying more about these over the summer.

The Scottish Government has published a Circular (Circular 1/2022: Local Place Plans) which provides guidance for both communities and planning authorities on the preparation, submission and registration of Local Place Plans.

The Circular updates guidance contained within an earlier draft How to Guide aimed specifically at communities.

The main requirements for Local Place Plans are that they must:

  • be prepared by a community council or a community body (as defined by Community Empowerment legislation)
  • be ‘a proposal as to the development or use of land’, and
  • fulfil the legal requirements set out in the relevant legislation around (these are explained further within the Circular)

In order for them to be validated and registered Local Place Plans will need to comply with the guidance set out in the Circular. We can help advise on the requirements should you have any questions.

The Council cannot prepare communities’ Local Place Plans, but we can help community groups establish themselves, and signpost groups to sources of information and practical help. We can also provide further advice on the process and requirements for Local Place Plans in Fife.

We have published information on our website to help any communities considering producing Local Place Plans. The website contains answers to frequently asked questions and links to information and resources. We aim to continuously improve the advice on the website so any feedback is welcome.

If you are considering preparing a Local Place Plan you can let us know and highlight any issues using the link to the enquiry form below:

Addressing the climate emergency is a priority for the council. Our Climate and Zero Waste team have identified capacity to provide assistance on climate issues for up to two Local Place Plans in Fife over the coming year. If you are interested in finding out more about this, please email either or highlight your interest through the pre-enquiry form above.

You can check for other potential support available on the Fife Community Portal at:

We are aware that there are many existing community-led plans which may not comply with the requirements for Local Place Plans but nonetheless provide a community vision for the development and use of land. We will also take these into consideration as expressions of community’s aspirations during the preparation of the Local Development Plan, alongside any other comments or views we receive.

If you are already in a position to submit a Local Place Plan to us, please contact us by email at and we can talk you through the submission process.

If you have any other questions about Local Place Plans please feel free to contact us at the email address above.

For more information about the Local Development Plan please visit our website at or contact us by email at:

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