Student HMO and PBSA Owners should be paying their share into the local rate pot

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Dear Editor,

Will the Government now get the owners of the accommodation students live in to pay rates towards helping to pay for the effects of the pandemic (for example our LA has had to hire a number of extra PCSOs here in Chester to patrol post the university return) along with delivery of all other services given the pressure our LAs are under and the fact we are all being asked to pay increased rates year on year.

This is an unresolved issue that has dragged on for years that is now compounded by the covid-19 issue in further addition to Government changes to the local rating system whereby LAs cannot claim back compensation for an increased significant loss to the local services pot. Why should local residents be paying for student rental businesses often owned by absentee landlords; some of whom do not even live in the UK.

Reg [redacted]

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