Albany Park: new plans submitted

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The joint developers of the Albany Park site, St Andrews University and Campus Living Villages, have submitted amended plans for the development of Albany Park following discussions with Fife Council planners.

Changes include the colour and composition of the external finishes and a reduction in the height of the beach facing buildings by one storey (to what the developers refer to as 2.5 storeys but which to QV looks like 3 storeys) while the Fife Council’s East Sands Urban Design Framework recommends that buildings in this sensitive location should be no more than 2 storeys. Elsewhere on the site, the residential blocks remain at 3.5 storeys (QV’s 4 storeys) which is the same height as the Gatty Laboratory eaves, 17.5 metres.

There remain serious concerns about the conflict between pedestrians and vehicles in the East Sands car park with the new independent transport review stating “there is an unacceptable pedestrian and vehicles conflict within the East Sands Car Park and the route leading from the development to the Pends. The pedestrian route through the car park forms part of the Fife Coastal Route. It is recommended that any improvements to the East Sands Car Park are extended to include parking management, improved infrastructure, signing and parking enforcement. Ideally, pedestrians and vehicles should be segregated”.

The developers’ response to these concerns is to say that the development will improve the operation of the car park but if required, they are prepared to make a contribution towards works to improve the car park.

QV understands that since submitting the application, the applicants have requested that the determination process is paused whilst they review the proposal. Further changes to the proposal  are expected in the coming weeks at which point the planning authority will invite further comments from third parties.

Click here to see QV’s piece about the original application and here to go to the original and amended planning application documents.

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