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I write in support of recent correspondents who have urged Fife Council to return the pavements of South Street to their pre-Covid state, in other words, to discontinue the use of tables, chairs and in some cases large tent-like structures which encumber considerable stretches of the pavements. During Covid, these were seen as an enterprising way of encouraging us to get out and enjoy life at a time when we needed to keep safe distances from each other. There is now, I understand, a proposal to make them permanent.

South Street is blessed with unusually wide pavements and carriageway; both have now been reduced to an obstacle course, with barriers eating into the carriageway.

The Council invites us to complete a consultation survey which is easily accessible online. As last week’s letter on the subject points out, however, we are not only asked for our views on the appearance and ‘uses’ of South Street but also for our sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc. Can these be relevant??

The Council  doesn’t seem to be advertising this exercise very much although it is so important for the future of St Andrews’ most imposing street. So please complete this questionnaire – you can by-pass the more absurd questions if you wish. The closing date is 11th January.

Elizabeth Williams.

(Contact details supplied)

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