Pavements are for pedestrians!

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See below definitions.

So who are responsible for enforcing this clearly explained standard by way of the increasing allowance of wheeled vehicles such as e-scooters and bicycles  to be annexing pavements to the disadvantage and danger of the pedestrians these pavements are clearly there for the use of and not for  those travelling on wheels; and why and those failing to deliver the necessary control and enforcement not themselves being brought to book for their failure to deliver such management in protection of pedestrian wellbeing and rights? We see no enforcement but do see increasing use by cyclists and now e-scooter riders on the pavements. A disgrace.


“A person travelling on foot, a walker, especially in town and cities”

Readers digest Universal Dictionary

“A person travelling on foot, walker”

Collins English Dictionary


“A path across a road marked as a crossing for pedestrians” See also Zebra Crossing, Pelican Crossing

Collins English Dictionary


“A paved footway along the side of a road”

Reader’s Digest Universal Dictionary

“Hard surfaced path for pedestrians alongside and a little higher than a road”

Collins English Dictionary


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