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St Andrews University has today reported that a further 15 students have tested positive for Covid-19  since Friday, 26th March, and a further 80 students are self-isolating.  Today, Principal Mapstone wrote to all student as follows:

Dear Students

c.c. Staff

I am writing to make you aware that 15 students in St Andrews have tested positive for Covid since Friday.

These new cases appear to be separate from the outbreak which we experienced two weeks ago, and affect students primarily from one hall of residence, and private accommodation.

The infection can be traced to a particular friendship group and there is evidence that it has been spread, at least in part,Public Healthduring an indoor gathering.

A further 80 students are self-isolating as a result of contact with a positive case, and a large number of staff have again had to work round the clock through a weekend to help Public Health Scotland trace contacts, arrange testing, and take the multiple steps necessary to prevent this spreading further.

I know that many of you will be disappointed, after everything we have been through and how hard the majority of you have worked to keep Covid levels in St Andrews very low, that we are in this position again because a small number of people ignored the rules which apply to all of us.

None of us wants this to be the pattern for the remainder of this semester. Please think very seriously about your responsibilities to your friends and this community, and be aware of the seriously disruptive effects that just one case of Covid can cause.

If you have concerns about the behaviour of any individuals or groups, you can report these entirely anonymously via the Report and Support Tool on our website.

Openness and transparency are absolutely vital if we are to continue to minimise the substantial risks which Covid still presents. We alert you when cases rise in St Andrews, we publish our Covid numbers weekly, and this community expects that you will follow The Covid Code, respect your fellow students and staff and the laws which exist to protect all of us, and cooperate fully with the efforts of Test and Protect, and our own Rapid Response Team.

Sally Mapstone

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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