Queen’s Gardens one way with contraflow – an end to this?

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Queen’s Gardens is a beautiful and elegant street which is a credit to the town, with its fine houses on one side and attractive gardens on the other, and the magnificent Town Hall at its head. Unfortunately, the street is becoming more and more congested with traffic vehicles travelling in both directions and the air quality suffering as a result – like a number of other St Andrews streets.

Yet Queen’s Gardens is a major conduit for walkers and cyclists from the South side of the town.

For this reason, St Andrews Space for Cycling (which campaigns for St Andrews to be the most cycle friendly town in Scotland) has supported the one way scheme from the outset. This will alleviate congestion and increase the feeling of peace in the street hence will benefit both residents and those using sustainable transport.

Cyclists will be able to use the street in both directions and even without a formal cycle lane this should make it easier for those on pedals to both leave and enter South Street without difficulty. SASC favours the principle of making all one way streets two way for bikes. This policy is widespread around the world and works well as long as there is a clear sign at both ends.

We would like to see more one way streets in St Andrews with cycle contraflow, such as Murray Park and Granny Clark’s Wynd.

Congratulations to Queen’s Gardens residents for moving St Andrews forward in relation to sustainable transport.

Tony Waterston

Chair of St Andrews Space for Cycling

For more information about St Andrews Space for Cycling, go to https://www.facebook.com/standrewsspaceforcycling/

See also: https://standrewsqv.org.uk/2019/01/one-way-scheme-for-queens-gardens-agreed/

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