Labour lose one, Lib Dems gain one

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In the St Andrews multi-councillor ward, Scottish Labour lost the seat previously held by Brian Thomson which went to the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Responding to her loss Rosalind Garton, the Labour candidate said” It is a real disappointment that a Scottish Labour Party councillor will not continue with Brian Thomson’s valuable work. He was very special.” Councillor Jane Anne Liston, who was re-elected along side new Liberal Democrat councillor Al Clark, said: ” Very glad that I will have a colleague to help stick
up for the interests of St Andrews too.”

Resulte: Ward No: 18

This ward will have 4 councillors.

The electorate is 12,106.

The turnout for this ward was 42.0%.

Winning Candidates

  • Al Clark
  • Robin Lawson
  • Jane-Ann Liston
  • Ann Verner

All candidates

Candidate Party Elected at stage First Preference Votes received
Al Clark Scottish Liberal Democrats 1 1,161
Fergus Ramsay Cook Scottish Greens – Think Global Act Local 335
Rosalind Garton Scottish Labour Party 422
Robin Lawson Scottish Conservative and Unionist 6 742
Jane-Ann Liston Scottish Liberal Democrats 1 1,265
Ann Verner Scottish National Party (SNP) 1 1,123

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