Traffic calming for Buchanan Gardens planned

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St Andrews Labour councillor, Brian Thomson, has welcomed moves to install traffic calming measures in Buchanan Gardens and a section of Hepburn Gardens.

Councillor Thomson said: “I’ve been pushing for traffic calming measures in Buchanan Gardens since 2017, and there have recently been increased concerns expressed within the community about speeding in Hepburn Gardens, so I’m pleased that – subject to the outcome of a statutory public notification process – Fife Council transportation officers are now looking to proceed with the installation of speed cushions.

Despite speed-activated ‘Slow Down’ signs being located in Buchanan Gardens, and part of Hepburn Gardens being a 20mph zone, many drivers continue to travel along both roads at speeds in excess of the 30mph speed limit with many, frankly, treating them like race tracks.  With the new Madras College having recently opened, and both roads being on the route to and from the school for many pupils, the need for such measures has become even more a of necessity.

I’ve also been pushing for Buchanan Gardens to be resurfaced, and I’m pleased that those works are now scheduled to be carried out.  Ideally, those works would be carried out at the same time as the installation of speed cushions, but it will be dependent on comments received during the public notification period.”

Details of the proposed measures can be viewed at the following link:

Public notices (proposed) | Fife Council

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