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St Andrews’ historic Lammas Market opens today, Thursday 12th August. Thought to be the country’s oldest surviving medieval street fair, the market will take place a week later than planned to avoid having to implement physical distancing measures. However, some safety measures will still be in place.

Scotland moved out of Level Zero and  at midnight on Monday night with most restrictions lifted save for the enforcement of mask-wearing indoors.

St Andrews Liberal Democrat councillor Jane Ann Liston is among those looking forward to the return of the fair after an break in 2020. “I am very glad that the Lammas Market will be going ahead, albeit a week later than usual. Throughout the summer they have seen people from elsewhere flocking to St Andrews to enjoy its many attractions”

She added: “It is therefore only right that an event very much geared towards ordinary people, especially families, should take place, now that it has been deemed safe to do so. I hope everybody has a great time and would like to wish the show-people ‘Guid Lammas.”

Fife Council’s emergency resilience manager Shona Robertson, who chaired the multi-agency meetings with the Scottish Showmen’s Guild in the run up to this year’s Burntisland Fair, told The Courier similar discussions were now under way regarding the Lammas.

“This has been a real team effort,” she said. “Over the last few months, we worked really closely with the Showmen’s Guild, who organise and run the fair, to make sure this year’s event was as safe as possible for everyone coming along.

“Working to public health legislation and guidance, together we made sure the organisers  fully considered and planned for a safe event. Measures including physical distancing, capacity limits and hygiene stations were in place as well as all the normal fairground health and safety measures.

“The announcement from the Scottish Government meant that there will be no restrictions on numbers attending. Hopefully the sunshine will make an appearance and help make the fair a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.”

The Showman’s Guild reported that their members have had a difficult year, with annual fairs not included in Covid business relief schemes for months after the pandemic began but, after mounting a campaign, they were eventually awarded a £1.5 million relief package from finance secretary Kate Forbes at the end of last year.

Picture: Enjoying a ride, Lammas 2013

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