What can St Andrews learn about pedestrianisation from Dundee?

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St Andrews Space for Cycling (SASC) is hosting a virtual meeting,  open to the public, to examine the reasons behind the success of the pedestrianisation of Union St in Dundee – see link below to register.

SASC Chair Tony Waterstone writes:

Creating pedestrian spaces in town centres is never easy. When central Copenhagen proposed to take over a central car park for people to walk and bike on, there were huge protests from businesses as well as car owners; the same was seen in Newcastle upon Tyne when Northumberland street, a central shopping street, was closed to be pedestrian only. Both these changes have been hugely successful and no-one would suggest going back. Yet doubts remain and not surprisingly, since retail in town high streets is suffering badly for multiple reasons: the growth of internet shopping, new out of town shopping centres, and most recently COVID related lockdowns. So all over the country if it is proposed to take away parking from high streets then business come out predicting that their loss profit will force them to close.

Yet many studies in different parts of the world have shown that shoppers using active travel (walking, wheeling, cycling) visit more often and spend more than those coming by car.

So it is interesting to find an example in Dundee, of a town centre street where the businesses welcome the development of a pedestrian space – that’s in Union Street, which has many shops and cafes of all kinds.

St Andrews Space for Cycling will examine the reasons for the success of this exciting new urban development, at a meeting open to the general public on Thursday 18th March at 5pm. Cllr Mark Flynn and shop owner Daryl du Ploys will speak at this virtual meeting followed by questions Register by contacting Eventbrite at:


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