St Andrews students to be accommodated in Leuchars and Dundee

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As a result of the Scottish Government’s u-turn on A Level and Higher grades, more students than anticipated will be starting at St Andrews this year, leading to a shortage of accommodation in St Andrews. The semester starts on the 14th September but orientation week for Freshers started on the 7th. Initially plans for 7000 students were put in place but now 9000 are expected. As a result, the University has had to find additional student housing in Dundee and Leuchars to meet demand from students.

To “meet demand” for University accommodation this year, the University has 185 student spaces in Dundee and 40 in Leuchars. Students will commute to St Andrews for in-person teaching using public transport.

A University spokesperson said that both Freshers and Returners will be able to apply to live in Leuchars and Dundee through open applications but there will be no compensation for students living outside of St Andrews. A University spokesperson said: “Both offer affordable accommodation which is sought after by students” and noted: “The University has always offered student accommodation in Dundee.”

With regard to private accommodation, the spokesperson said: “Our Accommodation team have supported students requiring accommodation throughout and will continue to do so. We recognise that, for many students, the ideal conditions for study and university experience are ensured by being resident in St Andrews.

“Here, there is access to our libraries and resources, dedicated study space, computing centres, Wi-Fi, IT services, sports facilities, student services, and the virtual support and activities offered by our Students’ Association. Being in St Andrews also allows you to acclimatise to our new safety regimes, and to engage with in-person teaching as we phase it in over the semester”.

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