Coronavirus update Tayside and Fife 24th May

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Coronavirus case numbers in Fife appear to have plateaued while those diagnosed in Tayside continue to creep up.


Fife lags behind Tayside as  the number of confirmed coronavirus patients in hospital in Tayside and Fife slowly falls.

On the 20th May, National Records of Scotland released data for Week 20 showing that as of the 17h May, where coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate,  care home deaths accounted for 55% of all coronavirus deaths.

Deaths of confirmed cases in hospital continue to rise. As of the 17th May, there had been 177 deaths due to coronavirus in Fife and 257 in Tayside.

Data are for deaths in all locations: hospital, care homes and at home.

In the UK as a whole, as of 5pm on the 23rd May, there had been 118 coronavirus deaths in all settings (not just hospitals) over the previous 24 hours – taking the total cumulative deaths of confirmed cases in to 36793.

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