St Andrews Students’ Association elects new President

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Jamie Rodney has been elected Students’ Association President, defeating his two opponents, Josh Stevens and Paloma Paige, in an election using the Single Transferable Voting system (STV). Paloma Paige is the serving President.

Below is an analysis of Mr Rodney’s manifesto by Seoras Lyall in The Saint (4th March).

Fixing the housing shortage

Mr Rodney seeks to promote the service Marks out of Tenancy, an anonymous landlord review site. He argues a more proactive policy is needed towards campaigning against the HMO cap but does not suggest any ideas of his own. He promises to make University accommodation fees more transparent in how they are spent and pledges to lobby an equivalent bursary rise should he fail to limit accommodation fees.

Renewing your Union

Mr Rodney aims to make the Association Council meetings more transparent by livestreaming them, as well as hosting informal office hours. He promises to utilise social media to promote the work of the council and help decide the agenda of the Association Council.

Student experience

Mr Rodney aims to provide clarity over how tuition fees are spent. He also pledges to tackle “the culture which perpetuates” sexual violence by organising an anonymous reporting system for sexual assault. He will have to be careful not to step on the toes of the police. Mr Rodney also aims to expand the basic training Nightline offers to School Presidents to other positions of responsibility.

Boosting our place in the world

Mr Rodney outlines the protection of ERASMUS as a priority. Only time will tell how realistic that will be. He wishes to raise awareness of community projects and promote the role of societies in open days.


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